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2019 C&E Course Offerings--Course Descriptions
WEEK ONE – July 1—July 5

Pastoring in the Black Catholic Community.This Course explores Black identity from historical, pastoral and individual viewpoints as a preparation for more effective ministry in the Black community. Rev. Manuel Williams, CR, MDiv, ThM, Rev. Gerard Marable, ThM, Rev. Kwame Assenyoh, PhD Cand.

Catholic Formation in the Black Community.This course will examine the roots, culture and learning styles of Black children and provides methodologies for creating a culturally inclusive Catholic school and/or catechetical curriculum. Kirk Gaddy, EdD

Black Identity: Mind, Body and Soul.Being black in America has a significant effect on African Americans. This course will explore the facets of identity development while building a strategy for being a psychologically healthy African American.Brian Turner, PhD

Black Millennials, God and Politics.Millennials have their own way of engaging with peers and the world around them. This course explores how Black millennials socially identify themselves, manifest their relationship with God and how their politics influence their interaction with the Church. Heather Malveaux, MPH, MPS

My Story, Your Story.This course demonstrates the effectiveness of story-telling in catechesis to address racism in the world and the Church. Stories focused on experience, traditions and culture can help each person find and use his or her voice to connect with others and participate in building God’s kin-dom.Timone Davis, DMin

WEEK TWO – July 8—July 12

The Elders Retreat: Renewed-Revived-Ready.Elders (age 55+) are invited to a week of prayer, reflection, discussion, recreation, and renewal. Come celebrate the legacy of elders in the Black Catholic community.  Let the Spirit revive, renew, and keep you ready to share the wisdom that continues to sustain our community. Chaplain Thelma Lucas

Black Liberation Theology.What is Black Theology and why did it emerge in the late 1960’s? How does BLT differ from other theologies, historical and contemporary? What are the sources and norm for BLT and what is its methodology and spirituality? What is its relevance for today for Black and all Christianity? Diana Hayes, PhD

A Well-Seasoned Faith.Black Catholic spirituality and culture can be seen in 2nd line culture, Black Masking Indians, funeral processions, music, food and more!  We will identify ways these expressions of faith and culture are threatened in the "new" Post-Katrina New Orleans; and how we as people of faith can respond.Ansel Augustine, DMin

African American Spirituality.This exploration of African American spirituality begins with its origin during slavery through its evolution during the Civil War, Reconstruction, Jim Crow, and the Civil Rights Movements. We will follow the manifestations of this spirituality in music and in the Black Church both Catholic and Protestant alike.Carey Dabney, PhD Cand.

Black Religion and the Arts.Black experience, theology and movements for liberation find expression through music, movement, spoken and written word as well as visual and performance art forms. In this course we will explore historic and contemporary Black religion through its formal and informal cultural production. Kim Harris, PhD

WEEK THREE – July 15—July 12

Development of Nonprofit Organizations.Faith based organizations depend on the philanthropy of supporters. We will explore fundamental principles of philanthropy as well as Christian themes that can inform efforts to support our ministries. We will also examine practical ways to implement these principles and themes. Manuel Williams, CR, ThM

Vacation Bible School for Adults.Bring Your Bible and your favorite Bible Story to rediscover the unending Story of God’s love and plan for us. Through prayer, story, song and other activities we will go on vacation to reconnect with the One and The Way who can help us find our way through this broken world. Therese Wilson-Favors, MA

Christology.Who do you say that I am? What is the significance of Jesus Christ for African American Christians today? We will learn about the Christ that helped those enslaved to persevere, former slaves to survive, and Black Christians today to thrive by studying Scripture and other resources, and applying them to our own lives.  Diana Hayes, PhD

Black Solidarity and Catholic Social Teaching.“What is my responsibility to others?” This question will guide this class.  We will explore Catholic Social Teaching and the example of Black social leaders to discern how to use the resources we control to protect our freedom and stability without excluding or demeaning others. Carey Dabney, PhD Cand.

Intergenerational Catechesis.Our communal heritage reveals the importance of young and old gathering to hear stories that informed the meaning and direction of their lives. Storytelling in catechesis is a call to “Ubuntu: I Am Because You Are”. We will examine ways it can lead us, personally and communally, to ongoing transformation.  Timone Davis, DMin

The Season of Advent - Cycle A.  The Four Virtues highlighted during Advent (hope, peace, joy and expectation) have cultural implications and justice imperatives that should not be ignored.  They will guide students to plan wreath blessings, candle lighting rituals and other services to prepare their congregations to celebrate Christmas and Kwanzaa.  Rawn Harbor, MTS
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Week 1: July 1-July 5
Week 2: July 8 - July 12
Week 3: July 15 - July 19